Every house should adopt a pet animal

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Adopt a Dog – Adopt a Cat

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4. Can you afford to own an animal? Even if the cost of the pet itself is negligible, you need to factor in food, supplies and vet visits. According to the ASPCA, dog owners should expect to spend about $1, on a dog during the first year of ownership; cat owners should set aside at. Adopt a Kennel You can adopt a kennel at Bay Area Pet Adoptions/SPCA.

Adoptions are $ for a canine kennel and $ for a feline kennel. PAWS Chicago is a national model in animal sheltering, committed to bringing an end to the killing of homeless cats and dogs. File a lost animal report with every local animal shelter, animal control and/or vets in your area.

Most people that find an animal will take it to one of the following locations. Put up lost animal flyers in and around your neighborhood.

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Include a detailed description, a current picture and your contact information on the flyer. So many people love animals but are unsure if they are capable of taking care of a pet. They come up with reasons of why they should not adopt a pet but in reality, the reasons that you should adopt a pet definitely out weight the reasons why you should not.

Every house should adopt a pet animal
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Adopt A Pet Or Rescue With The Help Of SPCA International