Examinations should be abolished

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Should fraternities be abolished?

Specify your own details, state the heart number of pages required and our scientific writing professionals will deliver the key quality paper right on time. Exams stop a student from functioning properly, and often they are disappointed in their final grade, a reason that exams are bad for the health of students and should be abolished.

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As for me, examination should not be abolished because of many good reasons. The main aim of exams is to assess students’ performance and ability.

The main aim of exams is to assess students’ performance and ability. Nov 10,  · School examinations should not be abolished because. Exams make people better at the subject.

content tested in exams are random, so people study everything. Exams should not be abolished! I could type all day about why exams are important and listing all the reasons. I could spend forever refuting and rebutting the arguments made by. Should examinations be abolished?

Answer: There are two ways of looking at this question. Points in favour of abolishing them: *The approach of present examination systems means the beginning of fear, tension, anxiety and stress in the minds of the students under which if a student doesn't.

Examination Should Not Be Abolished Examinations should be abolished
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Should examinations be abolished