Should corporations be socially responsible or

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Companies need to be born socially responsible. Here are 10 reasons why

Corporate social-responsibility advocates note that since corporations are “fictitious persons,” created by law and sustained by government grants of limited liability for individual shareholders, they have obligations to society that surpass those of sole proprietorships or partnerships.

Why should business be socially responsible?

Social Responsibility: Why Should Companies Care?

by Petar Dyaksov, { content|word_count } min In general, corporate social responsibility establishes that necessary and recommended link between the firm /company and the community outside of the frames of the manufacturing, distribution or whatever the business activity is. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a broad term used to describe a company’s efforts to improve society in some way.

These efforts can range from donating money to nonprofits to implementing environmentally-friendly policies in the workplace. Not only does this mean that corporations must have sound business plans and budgets, but it also means that they should have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.

When companies donate money to nonprofit organizations and encourage their employees to volunteer their time, they demonstrate to investors that. Measuring Bottom-line Performance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) No matter the size of your firm, when you engage in socially responsible activities, you should take care to measure your successes in the short and long term.

Should corporations be socially responsible or
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