We should protect corals reefs

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“Corals are important because they provide us with resources. Coral reefs provide medicine and jobs. People also receive food from the coral reefs and they need this food to survive.

They also protect us from storms and large waves.” Taani Echevarria, Form 5 student, St. Peter Chanel High School “Coral reefs are important to our economy.

To the detriment of those benefits, however, coral reefs have been deteriorating since the s under a cascade of human impacts. Overfishing disrupts their complex communities of large predators, smaller prey species and “grazers” such as parrotfish and urchins that clean large algae off corals.

Coral reef protection is the process of modifying human activities to avoid damage to healthy coral reefs and to help damaged reefs recover.

Why should we care about coral reefs disappearing?

The key strategies used in reef protection include defining measurable goals and introducing active management and community involvement to reduce stressors that damage reef health. Feb 15,  · Harvesting aquarium fish, corals, and live rock from reefs, if done sustainably and with regulations, is beneficial to the ecosystem of the reef.

This is because people and fisheries who use the resources from the reef, do not want what they depend on destroyed. Around the world, shallow tropical coral reefs serve as wave breaks that protect islands and coastlines from destructive storms.

That makes them suitable, and often very desirable, places to live. But with rising sea levels, this will change. Coral reefs are living systems that grow upward toward.

Palau’s Improbably Healthy Coral Reefs We should protect corals reefs
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What We Do — Restoring Our World's Dying Reefs